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This makes the hose stream 8 times more powerful and wastes no energy

lp RazorSharp Trimmer Head-Be Green

Jorge Sanchez
June 29th, 2023

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SuperWash™ High Pressure Jet-Be Green

This German technology transforms ordinary hoses into high-pressure jets, increasing the power of the water up to 8 times.

Jet washers are a great help for everyone who has a house with backyards, lawns, sidewalks or cars in the garage, due to its disinfection efficiency and high pressure jet. Its cost, however, was never favorable for our pockets. Whether for its price or for the cost of electricity, a washing machine has always been synonymous with spending.

But a new product seems to have emerged as a solution for those who would like to have a pressure washer, spending much less . A network of German washing companies has developed a high-pressure device that connects to any conventional hose.

Although it is something new in the market, the product was successful in Europe. The device is called HiperWash™ and it is revolutionary because it does not need electricity to work . In times where we pay a lot of fees, this advantage suits Brazilian customers like a glove. Another point to take into account, too, is its super advantageous price .

SuperWash™ High Pressure Jet-Be Green

We compared the HiperWash™ with one of the most popular jet washers on the market and the result surprises anyone. HiperWash™ , in terms of power, has an extremely strong jet, allowing it to clean the most ‘stubborn’ stains with ease.

Surfaces that collect dirt very easily, such as sidewalks, walls, carpets, and outdoor furniture, haven’t stood a chance against the high-pressure washer, which worked great. Always remembering that for HiperWash™ to work, electricity is not needed.

We mentioned earlier, how easy it is, that the HiperWash™ handles many different surfaces , and that’s for a reason: jet adjustment, which can clean any surface with more precision.

If you have a large yard or need to wash a large yard, HiperWash™ is a great option. Your jet can reach a distance of up to 9.3 meters , without you having to move excessively around the place that is being cleaned.

The strong water pressure generated by HiperWash™ makes the use of cleaning materials to clean surfaces unnecessary. All this thanks to the incredible modern design of the device, created and patented in Germany. The washing machine was designed with high carbon stainless steel and has a thin internal thickness, with a length of 56 cm. Simple to transport, HiperWash™ is extremely powerful and comfortable to use .

HiperWash: the best possible value for money

SuperWash™ High Pressure Jet-Be Green

Electric jet washer prices are high (plus electricity costs). New to the market, the price of HiperWash™ can cost 5 times less and without energy costs .

If you are looking for something of quality, super powerful and at an affordable price, HiperWash™ is definitely the best option. When we make a difference between the best quality that a product can give and the best possible price, the efficiency of HiperWash™ becomes even more advantageous.

“I liked it a lot. How do I buy HiperWash?”

Our report contacted the official distributor of HiperWash™ in Mexico. In response, they informed us that the product is not being sold in physical stores, only through the official website (Access by clicking here) .

It has also been reported that due to the sales success of the product, various counterfeits are appearing on the market. Only through the Official Site , you can be absolutely sure of receiving the original product with a 30-day guarantee.

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What Are People Saying About The RazorSharp™ Trimmer Head

lp RazorSharp Trimmer Head-Be Green

“This blade works great, but I had to modify my trimmer head to accommodate the new one. The seller provided the adapter and it took me a little time to install it. Good.”
– Logan Alan (on 08, June)

lp RazorSharp Trimmer Head-Be Green

“Overall, works very well for my needs, cutting heavy grass and light brush. This isn’t hard to install and works decently. A lot of comments have suggested buying an adapter. Good advice. Thank you.”
– Carl Dudley (on 17, May)

lp RazorSharp Trimmer Head-Be Green

“Had trouble fitting but made it work. Cuts just through fine. I’ve cleared probably a couple of miles worth of trail so far and haven’t bent or broken a blade yet. Even if I have to replace the blade head twice a year, it’s still pretty economical.”
– Henry Galen (on 21, March)

lp RazorSharp Trimmer Head-Be Green

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